We are ProdUse

Inspiring the world
to change itself.

We live in a world of excess and the fetishisation of the superficial. At ProdUse we believe that the beautiful and joyful nature of the arts serve a nourishing purpose.  Whether they feed your soul, make you laugh, or teach you something, we will not be creating anything empty, plastic, reproductive of the mass produced easy-entertainment.


ProdUse Vision

We have made it our policy to have a social-political element to each piece we produce, either within the nature or the piece, the manner of the production or a deliberate and appropriate engagement with our environment.

ProdUse Theatre

Be it, film, TV, rights based work or product creation ProdUse intends to challenge the current system and look towards a more sustainable, respectful and efficient way of creating nourishing networks for change  and playful experience.

ProdUse TV

Each time we are privileged to create a performance, we want to pass this on is some way. Fledgling we may be, but as we soar, we intend to take others to healthy and harmonious heights.

From The Production Gallery

Angus Chisholm


Actor and ProdUser Angus graduated as Head Boy from Arbroath Academy, Scotland. With an early talent for writing code, he was awarded IBM placement alongside their chosen University programme at Portsmouth where he studied IT and began his 10 year career in software development. His love of drama had also started early, with many a performance in his youth and with amateur companies while at IBM, computer viruses gave in to the acting bug.

Taniel Yusef


UEA’s interdisciplinary style of study allowed Taniel to satisfy her varied passions, including availing herself of their famed creative writing department.  She then went on to an MA in European Classical Acting at Drama Centre London including three months training at Shakespeare’s Globe and three months in Moscow at the Vakhtangov Institute where she worked on truly creating the minutest detail of character. She has just finished her LLM in International Economic Law Justice and Development.