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We believe that drama has the ability to hold out a hand to the humanity in people and ignite that innate part of us that strives to be better, to be seen, to be kind.

ProdUse was born out of the desire of two artists, two equalists, two empathists to create work they would feel proud to be a part of and to invite others too. We want to be creative enablers, to become an artistic and ideas network for the imaginative and talented people who dare to think differently and tell stories to a world they want to speak to, rather than waiting for those to be created in absentia. Rather than complain about the lack of work for women, regional actors, minorities, or those missing stories, or become excited about the alternative possible model for a production ourselves.

What do the roses at your local supermarket have to do with HIV in Kenya?  What does a play in Scotland have to do with conflict resolution between kids in London?  How does a TV show allow a group of disenfranchised women to sustain themselves economically?  What’s in a logo pin?

We live in a world of excess and the fetishisation of the superficial.  At ProdUse we believe that the beautiful and joyful nature of the arts serve a nourishing purpose.  Whether they feed your soul, make you laugh, or teach you something, we will not be creating anything empty, plastic, reproductive of the mass produced easy-entertainment.

We believe that drama has the ability to hold out a hand to the humanity in people and ignite that innate part of us that strives to be better, to be seen, to be kind.

We are also engaged as part of a symbiotic system.  Whether we Use our expertise with youth groups, or allow people to shadow individual roles for future learning, or in our work using theatre creation as conflict resolution and the spread of empathy in stead of alienation – we are aware that we are part of an ecosystem where the variousness of our endeavours, not only feed back into each other, but also into the communities which they serve.  Just as theatre is community, it is communion and we want enable people to rise to their full heights, to create with purpose in mind, rather than just profit, and to work with ethics and energetics in the forefront of our mind.  Be it, film, TV, rights based work or product creation, ProdUse intends to challenge the current system and look towards a more sustainable, respectful and efficient way of creating nourishing networks for change  and playful experience.  There is so much divisive and destructive production, we intend to ProdUse the opposite; we’ll dU it differently.

Angus Chisholm


Angus graduated as head boy from Arbroath Academy, Scotland. With an early talent for writing code, he was awarded an IBM placement alongside their chosen University programme at Portsmouth where he studied IT and began his 9 year career in software development. His love of drama had also started early, with many a performance in his youth and with amateur companies. While at IBM, computer viruses succumbed to the acting bug and he trained at Arts Ed in their MA in Acting. He feels strongly that people of all ages and backgrounds should have the possibility not only to see theatre, but to have the opportunity to work there to – either in front of or behind the scenes. He hopes to see more people invited under apprenticeships to learn about all the different roles involved in storytelling and to make sure that this important art is inclusive and relatable to all.

He also records and edits voice reels for actors / performance poets for their websites helping to get their voices heard.

Taniel Yusef


UEA’s interdisciplinary style of study allowed Taniel to satisfy her varied passions, including availing herself of their famed creative writing department.  She then went on to an MA in European Classical Acting at Drama Centre London including three months training at Shakespeare’s Globe and three months in Moscow at the Vakhtangov Institute where she worked on truly creating the minutest detail of character.

Always wanting to create stories that felt purposeful and especially with roles worthy of women she decided to become part of the solution and make what she perceived to be missing.  Many a receipt has been covered in poetry but Taniel had never written a play before so embarked upon her MA Writing for Stage and Screen winning the Postgraduate Student of the Year Award.

Looking around for work that spoke to her, particularly politically (as she has been an activist since childhood having considered human rights law as a profession), Taniel wanted to reeducate in order to write stories that were both engaging and humane, but also politically informed and nuanced.  She began studying human rights law, then specialising in the financial and economic networks which influence global and local actions and abuses.  She is currently finishing her LLM in International Economic Law Justice and Development and hopes that her written work will have as much passion and poetry as it will political vigour.