Theatre Row, New York – November 4th 2017


ProdUse Theatre Presents

Brazil is written by Edinburgh based Ronan O’Donnell and directed by Alex Crampton (OVNV TS Eliot Award Winner UK/US Award Winner 2012

Cast: Angus Chisholm
Director: Alex Crampton
Designer: Petra Hjortsberg
Lighting Designer: Anna Sbokou
Sound Designer: Erik Medeiros
Stage Manager: Amy Clarke
Set Construction: AWAV
Media Art: Pete Shaw
BSL Interpreter: Yvonne Waddell
PR / Marketing: Karpus Projects
Social Media: Sade Ibrahim

Presented by arrangement with Nick Hern books.

Theatre Row; New York
4th November. (Buy Tickets)

President Klintnick’s pointing at pie charts and the tanks are rolling in.  But then one Scot’s not looking for anything that lasts…

“Reaching out for something, know?”

This pacey dark comedy is a blast through the glare of a super screen TV at a world of war, wantonness and forgotten Marmite.

Doddy’s skidding from the shadows, fingers full o the black gear an fingerin’ the pill in his pocket, searching for some kind of order amidst the vast heaps of ming, whilst the global trade war rages on in the background. Security’s breaking down – the terrorists have wiped out the governments, and the Hamshanker in the control room’s clocking the blonde in the biscuit aisle. Home has become a cynical wasteland where even angels flee.

Through the stench of smoke and feathers, somewhere in Scotland not far from now, Doddy scavenges for signs, for sense, and the lushes of Brazil.